Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kelly & Hamilton: Married!

This past Saturday was a first experience for me! When Hamilton & Kelly first got engaged, not only was I asked to be a bridesmaid in their upcoming wedding, but I was also asked to be their photographer!

My first thought when Hamilton asked me to do this was: "Ham, are you crazy? I can't be in two places at once!" But after a little thought and creativity, we decided we could make it work.

I asked my Dad, who used to be a wedding photographer, if he could come down and shoot the ceremony for me, and any formals I needed to be included in. We worked together swapping off cameras, setting people up, and then at the last minute, I would jump into the picture whenever necessary.

I would never do this if the wedding had not been a family affair and so small and intimate, but for what they wanted, I think it all worked out in the end!

And now for my sisterly sappy note to the bride and groom...

Ham, I'll never forget when you first told Andrew & I about Kelly. The excitement and seriousness in your voice was enough to let us both know this was a big deal. We began praying for you both even before your relationship began, and we were so excited to see God bring you together as a couple then, and now as husband & wife.

Kelly, I couldn't be happier gaining another sister, and we are all so thankful for the way you love Ham. It is clear to us that you compliment each other so well, and we are so glad that you were brave enough to start the first conversation!

We continue to pray that God will lead you and protect your love as you grow together in marriage and in the knowledge of our LORD. We love you!

Laura & Eric: Engaged!

Engagement session options can be endless and vast in variety, perfect for reflecting the couples unique personalities.

I've had brides in the past make outfit charts, lists of photo requirements, bring props galore, and even have multiple locations for engagement sessions- which is fine for some brides, but others choose to go with a more quiet, intimate session, without all the fuss.

When I first explained my session styles to Laura & Eric, they were quick to confirm that yes, their style was more laid back, and they wished to take casual photos at Laura's parent's lake home in Tunkhannock, PA.

We met on a beautiful June evening, and enjoyed the peaceful lake surrounding. I had so much fun shooting this relaxed session, it didn't feel like work at all! I appreciated Laura & Eric's willingness to be themselves in front of the camera, and it was easy to capture their gentle, playful love for each other.

Thank you again, Keefe family, for your
hospitality! I'm looking forward to your September wedding!