Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Where I've been...

December & January have flown by, and from this blog, you would think my life was very empty, but that's a very poor representation. As you know, this blogging thing is new for me, and so I must again apologize for not keeping you all up to date.

Christmas is my favorite time of year, so I spent most of December preparing for our family Christmas Celebration! There was lots of shopping, cookie baking, family Christmas Mini-Sessions, gift wrapping, (eating), and of course, family togetherness. December was busy, but lovely.

Here's a quick look at my family Christmas Party:

Aren't we a fun looking crew? haha!

January was a whole different story.

On New Years Eve morning, we woke up to a house fire, which was not at all the way I had planned to spend New Years Eve. Praise God, the fire was contained and caught in time, and we were only displaced for a week or so while the crews came in and gave everything a good cleaning. The fire chief told us another 15 minutes would have destroyed our home, so I thank God for His perfect timing and protection that day. And every day.

January is also a VERY busy time for WEDDING PLANNING! My favorite time of year! This year, I choose to leave the Mohawk Valley & head down to Oneonta for the beautiful Foothills Bridal Show, and that was a huge success! I love going out into the public and having a chance to meet new brides face to face! It's so much nicer than email, and I really love helping people with the planning process and making everything as easy as possible. We met a lot of great brides & grooms that day, as well as fun vendors, so thanks to all who came out!

And thank you too, to my cousin, Brittany, for all your help at the Expo! I am so grateful for your support!

February promises to be just as busy, so be sure to check back for upcoming events, session previews & news!

Happy Tuesday!

From My Family to Yours!

November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend at my house always means large family gatherings, traditional meals, too much baking, football, relaxation, laughter, (a little holiday stress- because let's be honest, that many people in one house can add a little stress) reminiscing, Charlie Brown, and of course, (now that I have my way)- a Family Photo! :)

Family Photo time is stressful for me, and I have no idea why. I do this all the time for other people, but when it comes to my own family, I have a hard time getting the image I want. It may be because I'm in it, or because I have to set my camera up on a tri-pod and leave the shutter on timer and hope for the best, or it may be because my expectations are too high. I expect everyone to love picture taking time as much as I do...and sometimes, that just isn't the case. So to my family, I apologize, but some day, you will thank me for all the photos I force you to be in. And also, thank you for putting up with me, my outfit arrangements, cold weather outdoor shoots, crying children, and general stress- just so we can get that one image to remember our year, I appreciate your patience! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with friends and family, and had time also to take in all the goodness and blessings around you this year! And as we enter into my favorite season of all, I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, from my family, to yours!